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Should we live for ourselves or for others?

MJ, Former Formal Screenwriter

All creations come from the Universe and return to it. Shapes may differ according to conditions but the essence is the Spirit and Soul of the Universe. But, only humans separate him from others.

After being born into the world, people have constantly been fighting. They have been fighters trying not to fall behind in competition. No one in this world wants to be defeated, nor is an easy pushover. Therefore, people live battling their entire lives in agony and end up dying.

Live for others. Would there be anyone who tries to live this way these days?

Though people may find it difficult to realise what it means to live for others, they will soon come to realise, for it is the Truth that will inevitably manifest.

The era of completion is the time to abandon the self and be reborn as the Universe. At this time, people should recover their original nature and put an end to living only for themselves, an outdated way of life in the era of incompletion.

When people live absent of self, there is no concept of ‘you’ and ‘me’, and so naturally, no one will behave in a self-centered way.

However, in the transition from incomplete to complete it is not easy for anyone to live as a light that shines for the world since self-centered habits are deeply ingrained in people’s bodies. Nonetheless, do not let it hold you down and continue to diligently discard yourself, for this is the path that one must travel to get to Truth.

It is a beautiful and valuable path indeed.

If anything can be called happiness or a blessing, this way of life is the blessing of blessings that brings you true happiness.

The universe will light up those who take this path.

Whereas for those who lead self-centered lives, no wonder there are no blessings as they are not on the path to Truth.

When people abandon themselves completely, they will enlighten that only one true entity exists in the Universe, that other people are actually not separate from themselves but are one and the same, thus realising that living for others is actually not a sacrifice, but for their own good.

For those who silently walk the path of life, shining the light for the world no matter what comes their way, their lives will become light itself.

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