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How do I overcome the fear of failure?

The answer to this question was also something I eagerly awaited, and gratefully now I have found a proper solution. I’m happy I can share the answer to this question here. Hope it helps you.

Before, I tried to find the solution outside myself. For example, reading a book that helps me control my mind, having advice from others, etc. At that moment, those words touched my heart, but they did not fundamentally solve the source of my fear.

As I meditated, I could fundamentally get rid of my fear of failure in me.

What I did through meditation is look back at my mind thoroughly and empty it.

While I reflected on my mind, what I realized is that all the causes of fear are 100% within my mind not from the outside.

All memories I thought I had forgotten, such as failures in relationships / the study / performance, etc., were all stored in my mind, including emotions, attachments, and fears. I had all the memories of failure and fears still fresh in my mind like an unhealed wound. Because of this mind, it was hard for me to overcome the fear of failure.

With the meditation method, I started to discard related events that make me fear failure. As those related events faded away, related fears and emotions naturally faded away as well.

As my mind changed, I could see actual changes in my behavior. I could see myself who didn't care much even if I met a situation that I would have been afraid of in the past.

Meditation freed me from fears that I was unable to control before.

These are famous quotes that I like:

“You learn from your mistakes.”

“Every failure is a stepping stone to success.”

These are such good words. But quite honestly, they didn't help me much to actually make changes. Now, it's much easier to put what they tell me into action.

Fear can’t eat at me anymore. Because now I understand where fears come from and how to get rid of them. I’m grateful for the method. If you want to be free from the fear of failure by cleansing the root of your mind, please refer below. 🌱

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